Weak Signal Operation Resources

Weak Signal Operation is NOT a QRP technique, but rather an operation on VHF/UHF/SHF using 6m, 2m or 70cm rigs at full power levels, transverters and Microwave antennas in SSB or CW modes.  The range can be up to several hundred miles with good conditions and generally 50-200 miles under normal conditions !

Using a fairly inexpensive transverter you are able to transform your 2m rig into a 33cm, 23cm, 13cm and beyond.  Antennas are smaller, more precise but easy and fun to manufacture for the DIY guys.

If you do nothing else at least take a look at the many resources below supplied mostly by Buddy Morgan WB4OMG at the LARC Meeting 2/2/15, a very enlightening presentation.

As with all of these ZAARC pages…. If you find additional useful info PLEASE forward to the webmaster so that we can share wirh others.

Introduction to Weak Signal Operation

Presentation (Buddy Morgan WB4OMG)  (8.5 meg download)

Florida Weak Signal Society

Times Microwave  Cables

Inovantennas   Yagis and other innovative antennas

Directive Systems  VHF/UHF & Microwave antennas  

M2 Antennas  Wide range of unique antennas

Directive Systems & Engr (Antennas)

Down East Microwave  Transverters and Power Amps

Grid Square Locator (Free download)

W1GHZ.org  Transverters

SSBUSA.com preamplifiers, transverter systems, down converters & antennas