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Below you’ll find various websites to visit, some PDF’s to read and some hints to get you started into Satellite Communications.  

For most FM satellites 5 watts is the max you should use for TX power so just about any HT should get you started.  The TX antenna does the heavy work so plan that aspect of your station well using a Yagi that has some gain to it. For RX, often you can use your HT antenna as is, although it wont be the best. Fortunately many of the newer “Birds” have a UHF Uplink which means you probably can easily build your own directional antenna….. Always fun !  

Using the AMSAT website you can get Pass Predictions for your QTH for planning purposes.  You will need your Grid Square or Lat/Long.  Planning helps to guarantee success.  You will have to become aware of compass directions and elevation above the Horizon among other things.  It probably sounds more complicated than it actually is in practice.

Like your very first TV Remote Control you may have to read up on the instructions so I have included WIKI Info for that, there you will get a fairly good overview of how it works.  And then you can check out the AMSAT (About Page) for some history of Amateur Radio Satellite.  If you enjoy working satellites why not send a few $$ to AMSAT, because of them you could !

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Like the entire ZAARC site, this page is a Work In Progress……. Check back often because as you know, all aspects of Ham Radio seem to be shifting sands…… so is satellite !