SARnetFL is a statewide repeater system using a combination of UHF Amateur repeaters and a portion of the FDOT microwave system to allow communication around the State of Florida in many cases using just an HT !  In the Pasco County area we currently have use of the Tampa machine (442.850 /146.2) which is a direct connect to the syatem.  A Lakeland repeater is now operational using (442.275 / 82.5) and it covers SE Pasco County.

While the purpose of linking these “seldom used” repeaters was to provide communication during an emergency its use also serves as a way to stay in touch with your home area as you travel throughout the state of Florida or for your use in an emergency as you travel Florida.

Various County EOC’s conduct a brief check-in net on Friday mornings starting at approximately 0900 on SARnet and any amateur that can access SARnet is encouraged to check in (late check-ins are ok too).

Below are links to the SARnetFL website and latest coverage area maps and system wide info.  

We periodically update a Frequency Spreadsheet showing all of the online and planned repeaters.  The PDF version can be downloaded and printed off….. Place on your visor for future use.  The CSV file can be upladed to your spreadsheet program or perhaps load into your radio.

Network & Coverage Maps can be found on SARNetFL

Frequency Spreadsheet (PDF) (Updated 4/29/2016)

 Frequency Chart CSV (save and load into your program Updated 4/29/2016)

SARnet Website

Most of the above content is the work of the ZAARC webmaster and is not meant to be  “official” content.  Please see the SARnetFL website for all updates and use this material at your own peril.  If you find any errors or have comments or suggestions please contact the ZAARC webmaster: kk4itx at