Q R P   Page   Popular QRP frequencies listed below are only suggestions, many clubs have other freqs.

     5 Watts      CW. 1.836, 1.843,  3.560,  7.030, (USA also uses 7.040), 7.112, 10.106,  10.116,  14.060,  18.086,  18.096,  18.106, 21.060,  24.906, 28.060, 50.096, 144.060

     10 Watts    SSB.  1.910, 3.690, 3.985,  5.3465.5 (#2), 7.090, 7.285,  14.285,  18.130,  21.285, 21.385,  24.950,  28.365, 28.385, 50.185, 144.285.

      Just a day in the park !     April, 2013


There is a great sense of accomplishment when you make a contact several thousand miles away with just 5-10 watts (or less) and some Home Brew antenna or a piece of wire cut just right.  Doing so teaches one how to get by with the basics just in case, should the need arise.  Make ‘em listen for you !.

Thanks to Don, VA3DDW and Ed, KI4EXO for providing the photo opportunity and Darryl K4VLP for his contributions to this page.

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