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John Leahy

My Winter Shack, above left is my Yaesu FT-450D, MFJ-902B tuner,  Laptop and a Yaesu FT-8900, 2m “base station”.  

Antennas (HF) include 37+ft  End Fed Inverted “^”  17ft verticle using a Alpha Antenna Match , and for VHF/UHF I use a MFJ-1522.

I came by a Wolf River 40-10m coil and have attached a 17ft MFJ telescoping ant. for QRP & campground use, see pic below.

I enjoy using modest equipment letting the other guy work to pick me up.

My Summer Shack (shown here in Gettysburg, PA) is on wheels and consists of pretty much the same equipment less the “long wire” as it is quite difficult finding trees in many campgrounds. The dedicated “Ham” space is also less.  I chose a smaller RV so that I could fit in more places but everything has its cost.

Moxon 440

Working in the 70cm band allows one to be creative, make some mistakes, learn and not spend too much money on failures.  This antenna, according to the literature, has a Forward Gain of 5.5db and Front to Back of around 20 - 25 db.  The flexibility of the size allows for quick changes horizontal to vertical. Working satellites with this is next.

The base material is Lexan (.093).  Holes (10) are drilled per dimensions for the antenna wire of your choice, BNC connector and my suggested 1/2” PVC mount.  Simply insert your wires and bend them over.  Solder the BNC and the feed and presto !

PDF files Layout and Program Results.

This Site will get you started……. Enjoy !

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