Echolink ~ AllStar  

Using the links below you can find how to download software (free) for your computer, IPhone or Android device.  Both Yahoo and Facebook offer a chance to get any questions you may have answered from fellow hams from around the world.

Please remember that when you are using Echolink  you are probably connected to a Amateur Radio and you are therefore broadcasting. Proper etiquette and protocol must be used.

It should be noted that there is a few seconds delay when using Echolink so allow time when communicating with a known Echolink user.

AllStar is similar to Echolink in many ways with the setup being the major difference since all of these types of uses work with VOIP it is not easy to define which is better……… Ford/Chevy, VHS/Beta, Pizza choices all fit in the discussion.  The shortcoming of AllStar is that currently it is difficult to impossible to use the system from a computer, tablet or phone.  Repeater users using RF to access either system will probably not notice much difference between

Links for Echolink / Allstar Info

Android FAQ


IPhone FAQ

Users Guide


AllStar Wiki

Adapters (Link)

Yahoo Echolink Group

Allstar Yellow Box

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