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CW Page (first digital mode)

CW Page (first digital mode)

Sounds of Digital

Sounds II

Sounds III


Altoid Sound Card

FT8 Instructions

Getting Started w/DigiPan

Fldigi     Manual  


PSK-31 Primer

Ham Radio Deluxe


PSK (Others) Spotter

CW (first digital mode)

Yaesu explains Digital



Digital On A Shoestring

WSJT Joe Taylor Digital Software

QRP Digital with uSDX & HamPi


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The digital modes are rapidly gaining popularity, especially in Emergency Communications. Groups interested in Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System, NBEMS, conduct training nets several times a week on 20, 40, and 80 meter bands. Some locations have VHF and UHF nets also, but I've not found anything local yet. Maybe I'll get more ambitious and start one if there is enough interest.

This article represents my own observations in working digital modes over the past couple of years. I started out using PSK-31, which was very easy to setup and learn. I used various software, and made hundreds of QSO's.

Not long ago, I came across Fldigi and was impressed with it's capabilities, and ease of setup and use. PSK31 is a very popular digital mode and uses only a 31 Hz bandwidth. NO, that is not a miss-print. There is ample room for 300 QSO's in a 1KHz wide slice of bandwidth. For example, a good spot to find PSK31 is 14.070 MHz USB. The sound is very distinctive … tune it in and give it a listen.

Digital mode software is available FREE on the internet. MixW, DigiPan, AirLink Express, HRD – DM-780, just to name a few. I think HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe + DM-780) is no longer free, but the EPARS group has a link you might try. In my humble opinion Fldigi is the best way to go. It has versions for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

The new digital mode software takes full advantage of your computers Sound Card's capabilities. The digital mode software actually creates a 'software' modem. No expensive hardware modem to buy. Starting out you don't even need an interface between your radio and computer. A mic connected to your computer to monitor the radio's audio, and the radio's mic to monitor the audio out of your computer is all you need. Here is a You Tube video that demonstrates how to do that. Click on the following link You Tube PSK31 VIDEO in the Links Table below.

The YouTube video uses DigiPan Software. The video is just an introduction, to show you how to get started using only your PC's mic.


Bob Van Orman N4BVO